Welcome! Here you will find an exciting programme of handmade book and art workshops, as well as galleries displaying ceramics, ‘voluptuous vessels’ and unique books.

Unique handmade books are a wonderfully accessible art form somewhere between conventional books and paper sculpture. Though they draw on a number of art and craft disciplines in their making, basic structures are easily learned, introducing one to endless possibilities. A wide range of workshops–taught with enthusiasm and patience–encourage participants to express their creativity through making books. Full details of all upcoming workshops at our well-equipped studio and elsewhere are shown under ‘Events’.

The Edinburgh Art Studio galleries show:

  • collaborations with basket makers and other ceramic pieces
  • handmade books created with hand painted, marbled, batik and paste papers, including bespoke books made for individual clients.

Ceramics and some handmade books are for sale and can be purchased at Open Studio events –details of these and exhibitions will be posted as they come up. Unique handmade book commissions are undertaken–particularly for memorial or commemorative books. A range of workshops, classes and demonstrations suitable for other venues, as well as individual tuition and mentoring, are also available.
For any of the above–please contact us for further details.

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